We Are BYBN!

An open letter from Jo’V, Brand Manager

Hello, and thanks for visiting our website. It’s our ultimate goal to present something functional while remaining fresh, unique and colorful to our client. BrandYouBrandNu was formed in 2007 when I was a full-time clothing designer wanting to keep fresh marketing materials for my brand. Seemed like no one could catch my vision for the company so I developed it on my own.

People started to inquire about the branding and ask for assistance with their own projects. This left me torn because I had been sewing and designing clothes for years but I felt a call to developing brands and teaching others how to monetize their brands. After 11 years of dedication to fashion, I closed that door and went full time into brand development.

Over time I found myself communicating with a new level of client. These people had great visions, great ideas, even great audiences but just nothing to say to them, no way to reach them and nothing to give them. I found it my job to serve their brands and push them into the next level of excellence. They are still thriving today because of those pushes back then.

At BYBN our creative team comes together to carefully strategize your next win. We research, study, plan, envision and even pray as we prepare to launch your vision. It’s always a joy to serve and the response to our vibrant concepts is stammering.

We are currently seeking opportunities to apply our talents to new challenges. BYBN is open to full-time, contract and consulting engagements, as well as entrepreneurial start-up partnership opportunities.

Again, thank you for visiting our website and we hope to be the best part of your new vision.


I Love What I Do!